Labor Day Weekend Recap & Preschool

My oh my. Labor weekend was fun! I'm posting LOTS and LOTS of pictures so you can enjoy our adventures.

To kick off the weekend, we participated in Isaac's Cub Scout Space Derby:

Check out Isaac's totally awesome rocket! He told me we were making a friendly dragon . . . then he told all his friends it was a dinosaur. :) Isaac did all the work except for the fine details (eyes & claws). The box is an ocean and the dragon is sitting on his island - or at least that what he told me it was!

Well, look at those two cute chickies!

The hard part about the Space Derby is that all the rockets have to be wound up the same amount. After trying to get Isaac's wound up to 100, I lost my grip on the propeller and cut my finger. All the wives got really smart and left the winding to the Dads after that.

During the wait between races, the kids all ran around playing chase and other fun games. Poor Rob. He couldn't keep up with all the kids. So I gave him my camera to go take pictures to his heart's content. Let me tell you, he took about 100. I thought you'd enjoy a few . . .

Anyone missing any body parts?

Hmm . . . that's a little spicy for Rob, don't ya think?

This was actually a pretty good picture of me & Anna Banana.

The kids really enjoyed hamming it up for our little four-year-old photographer.

At some point, the camera changed hands and MJ took a turn:

Ah, yes . . . Mr. Rob sucking on his thumb . . .

Some of the Cub Scouts hangin' out.

This is Isaac's former Wolf den leader. He's now in the Bear den.

Isaac playing the Lego Star Wars game on his Nintendo DS. We thought this would be the best way for him to not get super bored or overwhelmed by all the noise and echoes.

Hmm . . . two Robs sticking their tongues out! Rob above is from our congregation's bishopric (he's perfect for working with the kids, don't you think?) and the Rob below is our family clown.

Look, even Strawberry Shortcake made an appearance!

This is the actual loading dock for the rockets to race.

Anna playing with one of the young women.

Some space derby races . . .

At the end, each of the boys received an award for their rocket. This is Isaac receiving his award from John.

Whew! Didn't I warn you - lots of pictures! And there's still more to come.

We've been experimenting with Anna's hair. Doesn't she look totally cute? This is when she was getting ready for church this past Sunday . . .

Over the weekend, we also worked on my new office area in the kitchen. Here's some pics of John workin' hard . . .

John had to remove some of the supports under the bar to make way for the cabinet that will be installed along the side of the bar.

Here's the cabinet. It still needs to be painted. So far, John has installed a side door so he can access the wires at the back of the computer and a sliding door at the bottom so it's easier to move the computer in and out. There are also two adjustable shelves for the top of the cabinet. And of course, a door to hide it all. :)

And now, to wrap it all up, here are pics of Rob's first day of preschool:

Rob & Mrs. Steinhouser. Rob totally loves having her as his teacher!

The first place Rob goes each day . . . right to the puzzle tables.

Of course, all of his other friends go right to the fun stuff they can dig in . . . today it's macaroni noodles.

Anna and I left Rob to enjoy his morning at preschool. While he was having fun, so were Anna and I. Four of the other preschool moms from last year came over to my house and we all had breakfast to celebrate the start of school. We each brought something yummy to share and enjoyed talking the morning away! Then back to school to pick up our munchkins . . .

Anna Banana likes coming to the preschool, too. She gets to play outside while we wait to pick Rob up. Today, it was really rainy, so she got a bit wet.

I hope you were able to wade through all the pics. We had a great Labor Day weekend and we hope you did, too.

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