Holy Kadukah!

As you can see from the image above, it was not a computer-friendly weekend. As my eight-year-old would say, "Holy Kadukah!" And right now, he's totally spot on.

Friday: After re-formatting the chapters and outline to send to Lisa at Deseret Book, I started printing. Of course, half-way through I ran out of ink. Since I just bought the cartridge a few weeks ago, I was very surprised. Usually my cartridges last much longer than that. So, I ran to the store and came back to complete chaos - not to mention a get together I had completely forgotten about. So I put off finishing the print job.

Saturday: Isaac had his State Special Olympics tournament in Wichita. About an hour down the road, we received a phone call from our coach saying that the weather was horrible (hail and severe thunderstorms) and the meet was canceled. We had actually just passed the exit to go to John's brother's house. So we turned around and did a surprise visit (at 8:30 am!). We spent about two hours visiting, then stopped by another friends house on our way back home. We had a quick dinner, got the kids into the tub, had scripture study, then off to bed. It had been a long day!

Sunday: After church, we had Isaac's aide and her family over for dinner. We had a blast. That night, there were messages on our phone. I opened my laptop to check our online voice mail . . . and something funky was going on. It wouldn't start up quite right and was sounding really odd. John took it downstairs and started working on it. He pulled my Teaching Special Spirits stuff off, and then BAM! The hard drive crashed and the laptop went up in smoke. Not good.

Monday: John called into work and took the day off. He tried to recover stuff from my hard drive with no luck. That afternoon, we went shopping for a new system. We also decided it was a good time to put together a little office area for me to work from. So we stopped by Home Depot, figured out what the project would take and was pleasantly surprised that it was so affordable. So we ordered the supplies we needed, then came back home to set up the new desktop system.

Tuesday: John finished setting up the desk top. I finally printed off the remaining chapters for Deseret Book, then ran to the post office, and mailed them off. I spent the rest of the day setting up programs and working on some additional writing.

My, oh my. What a nutty couple of days! So many trials, but also many unexpected blessings. I am truly grateful for such a supportive husband. I'm still kind of dazed that he just called in to work and said, "Sorry guys. Gotta help my wife today." And that was that. He did everything he could to help me get back on track with my writing. He is just absolutely incredible.

So, here's to growing and learning - and to getting life back on track! Have a fabulous day, everyone!

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Annette Lyon said...

Good luck with your submission!

You've definitely got a keeper of a hubby there.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Thanks, Annette. This summer is our anniversary. Ten years down . . . an eternity to go!

themeese2 said...

It was a miracle that he was able to get your book off the laptop hard drive before it crashed! Are you regularly saving your work to disks? I would assume you are, because I can't imagine you risking keeping everything on the hard drive without backups. Losing all of it would be unthinkable!

The Thomas Six said...

Wow! Lucky and you got all new stuff?! :) Hope you didn't loose anything important. How's your office? Like having your own space?