Miracles Really Can Happen

So, my hard drive crashed and died a brutal death. My hubby tried to save it, worked laboriously, sweat pouring down his face, with no success. The files, pictures, and data were all frustratingly irretrievable.

But then, a small glimmer of hope appeared. I was telling a friend from church what had happened. She said, "Oh! My husband knows how to do hard drive recoveries. He thinks it's fun. You should let him look at it."

Could it be possible? I was desperate to get something, anything, from that hard drive. So, I double checked with my friend's hubby who told me to bring it over that night.

Last night, he called to say he had recovered most of the files and data. I almost fell to my knees and cried, I was just so darn happy! And HUGELY thankful. Wow. I had just a teeny bit of hope - but this was like a miracle! I'm totally awed.

What a great end to a really odd day - and a great beginning for today.

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Josi said...

Keep his name on hand in case some of the rest of us need him someday--that's amazing and I am SO happy for you. Hard drives are brutal taskmasters when they throw a tantrum. Big congrats, Danyelle!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Thanks, Josi. I'm just so relieved to have my files back! Whew!

Autumn said...

Rejoicing with you!!!!!!!!!!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Thanks QOC!