Snow Days and Book Delights

It's a tad bit snowy outside. Well, more like a Kansas-sized blizzard (which means we got more than 8 inches of snow). Believe me, after growing up in Pennsylvania where a blizzard meant you couldn't open the front door, Kansas snow dumps are pathetic. Nevertheless, it is unusual to get this much snow here. My kids are loving it.

No school.

Snow up over their knees = snowmen, snow forts, and snowball fights.

It also means hot cocoa, board games and books, books, books. My middle school daughter is devouring Fablehaven #5 by Brandon Mull, my high schooler is reading a variety of comic books and graphic novels, my munchkin who is down with the flu is making his way through Spirit Animals by Brandon Mull, and my youngest chicky girl is obsessed with a reading website her 1st grade teacher introduced her to - Tumble Books. She loves reading along with the books and animations.

And me? Yes, I'm reading - the final proof of Sweet Confections before it goes to print. Booyah! And hey, the cover reveal is NEXT WEEK! I can't believe it's all coming together. It's absolutely thrilling. But I keep trying to rein in the excitement, look ahead to what's on my to-do list, and enjoying the awesomeness of extra snow days with my munchkins. I hope you're all snuggled up with a book (or some other wonderful delight) on this beautiful winter day.

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M. R. Buttars said...

Can you send some snow my way? Good luck on the upcoming milestones!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

How about I pack it in a dump truck, lined with freezer stuff, and ship it out? =) My high school aged son spent part of today helping neighbors shovel out their driveways and the sidewalks. Then he went out with his church group to homes in our congregation where members are home bound and can't shovel their own driveways. He's going to be one sore puppy tomorrow.