Name Our Town Poll Results!

First, let me start by saying, you all are amazing! I was hoping for fifty responses. Nope - we got one hundred and fifty responses. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion about what to name our fictional town. And may I say, y'all surprised us. Heather thought for sure Rusty Creek would come out on top. Me, I liked all three, but couldn't choose. But after the votes were tallied, the winner had a good 54% of the votes. And the winning town name is . . .

Crystal Creek!

And our town founders are . . . (Thanks to!)

#37 - Rebecca Belliston

#82 - Tamera Westhoff

#114 - Stephanie Taylor

Now that I know about the Belliston's, the Taylor's and the Westhoff's, I wonder, were they best friends or feuding neighbors??? Hmm, story development time.

 Before you hurry off, be sure to check back for the Sweet Confections cover reveal on February 10th. In fact, if you'd like to share in the fun by blogging, Facebooking or Tweeting the cover reveal (and by doing so see the cover before anyone else!), please sign up below. I'll email you the cover, blurbs and links so you don't have to search for details.

Thank you again, everyone, for all your amazing support!

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Anonymous said...

They were sisters. ;)