Kansas City Temple Photography Fun

To kick off our family vacation, we went to the Independence Visitors Center and toured the Pioneer home and printing press. The kids really enjoyed it. Before heading back home, we decided to drive to the Kansas City temple and walk around. We haven't been there since the open house. It was a wonderful experience . . . that led to some photography fun.

I love all the photo editing the updated Picasa program has.

This is my original temple picture . . .

And here's some fun stuff I did with it . . .

Cinematography Muted

Cinematography Boosted

Funky Filtered B&W

Original Boosted
Two-Toned Pink

Two-Toned Turquoise

I'm planning to make some funky blocks for my kids bedrooms with the two-toned pictures. Then I'm going to make some magnets for my middle school kids' lockers. I'll let them choose their fave pictures for those.  I'll post again when they're finished.

Do you enjoy photography? What are some of your favorite editing tools?

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Jessyka Lewis said...

Download paint.net from online, it's what Tashua uses

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

Oh! You just made me homesick for Missouri. And the Visitors' Center. What a fun family activity.