A Sisterhood of Strength by Diony George

A Sisterhood of Strength 
by Diony George

Experience for yourself the pure love that inspires ordinary women to serve and accept service in a truly extraordinary manner. This inspiring collection of true stories from the lives of women just like you is told with heartwarming sincerity. Perfect for sharing, this remarkable book is sure to uplift, encourage, and cheer any woman, whether it's her turn to serve or be served.

A Sisterhood of Strength comes out in August 2012. Watch for it on Amazon and at your local book stores!

My Review

This past year, I've read some amazing books about how women can build themselves up, simplify their lives, or enjoy motherhood. It's been a great year for books that encourage a love of being a daughter of God.

This new book, A Sisterhood of Strength by Diony George, focuses on the service women share with each other -  how that service answers prayers for the women we serve, how service makes us stronger daughters of God, and forges beautiful friendships. The book is filled with essays from women all around the world, sharing stories of moments when they were served or how providing service blessed them. This is definitely a Puffs Plus read!

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Lisa Swinton said...

sounds good!

Diony said...

Thanks Danyelle!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a good read for men as well. Heaven knows I can learn a lot from you wonderful women!


The Damsel in Dis Dress said...

Sounds wonderful. Beautiful cover, too.

kbrebes said...

Nice book!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tip! The holy spirit leaded me to your homepage and this book! I have just order the book and i am looking forward to read it!
Blessings from Norway ;-)