Interview with Author Jennifer Hurst

Today I have a fun treat for you. An interview with author Jennifer Hurst. Jennifer's new book, Fall, recently came out. You can check out her blog tour here.

QOTC: Jennifer, thanks for joining us! Now, your main character, JD (short for Julia D.), works in construction. What intrigued you to come up with JD and her job?
Jennifer: I worked for 12 years in the construction industry – first as a drafter and then later as a project manager.  Often times, I was the only woman in the employ of various construction and construction related companies.  A lot of JD’s experiences in the book are based on my own.

QOTC: Very cool! What was your favorite part of the book to write?

Jennifer: In the original draft, JD spends a lot more time exploring Torrey and meeting its interesting residents.  I had a lot of fun developing the supporting characters, but due to constraints and to keep the book flowing at a steady pace, I eliminated those parts.  However, these other characters will appear in the sequel.  My other favorite part to write that did make it through the final edits, was JD's developing interest in Matthew.

QOTC: Ugh! I hate cutting scenes. On the flip side, what was the hardest part to write?

Jennifer: The hardest part to write were the action scenes.  I could see it so clearly in my head, but getting the right words to convey the fierce battle – was very hard. 

QOTC: Are you working on another novel? If so, can you give us a short teaser?

Jennifer:  I am working on the sequel for FALL – but I can’t give you a teaser.   Sorry.  Ya’ll will have to wait. I am, however, working on a YA fantasy/romance with a working title of Muddy.  And here is a short excerpt from Muddy.

Claren knelt in the mud and drizzling rain.  His long gray hair hung in dirty strands around his haggard face.  He leaned protectively over the body of a young man sprawled on the ground.  The young man wore light armor and a blue and white striped cloak. A wicked gash in his chest plate revealed torn flesh and white bones beneath. 
Fighting down the rising bile, Claren hefted the young man up by his arms, and cradled him against his chest.  Claren brushed away the young man’s long white hair; a mark of his ancestry and lineage.
A few faithful men-at-arms stood round about, glancing anxiously at the surrounding misted woods.  They were ready for anything or anyone who might discover their secret; the King of the Vale had fallen.
A stinging wind swept through the glade, biting menacingly at reddened cheeks and exposed hands worn raw from days and nights of hard battle.  A cold unrelated to the wind or the season, ebbed deeper into Claren’s soul as he struggled to keep from weeping over his young friend.
Claren reached for his satchel hanging across his chest at his side.  Fumbling within it, Claren withdrew a small dark vial, and bit the cork off.
“Drink this, Eron,” Claren urged, swiping away his long grey hair from his eyes with the back of his wrist.  He pressed the vial against Eron’s blue lips.  Eron moaned and writhed in pain from the gaping and bloody ruin of his chest.
“Eron,” Claren said forcefully, trying to capture his attention. “Drink this now; it will prolong your life until Voluthra arrives to tend you.” 
Eron turned aside his head and groaned, “Lilath.  Where is my Lilath?”
“She is away,” Claren said hoarsely, feeling his face redden with frustration. “She is safe.  Now drink.”
Eron resisted.  The sounds of battle were drawing closer.  Claren glanced up at the armored man standing nearest.
“Hold his head,” Claren ordered. 
The battle weary soldier, who was wounded himself, dropped to his knees and held Eron’s head steady as Claren forced the potion into the king’s mouth. Eron gagged and coughed as fresh blood gushed from his wound.  Claren felt the warm fluid soak into his pant leg and dampen his sleeve.  The smell of death nauseated him, but he was satisfied that most of the vial’s contents had been consumed.  Claren held Eron close as his breathing slowed and his movements and groanings gradually came to a stop. A few moments more and the king lay as if dead.
Releasing a long shuddering breath, Claren looked over at Feeg, taking in the man’s tormented expression.
“He lives,” Claren said, “but we will…” he paused and looked around as if noting the other men for the first time.  Desperation clouded Claren’s mind.
“Go!” He said suddenly. “Go, leave this place.  Raise Eron’s banner as if he is with you and escape to the boats.  Now!”
“But Master Steward,” the soldier protested.
Claren cut him off with a sharp wave of his arm. “Do as I say!” 
“Yes sir,” he replied meekly, but his expression betrayed the distrust he had and Claren saw it. 

QOTC: Tell us a little bit about you . . . What's your favorite dessert? Biggest pet peeve?
Jennifer: I was born in Idaho, but spent most of my childhood in the South Pacific.  I’m the oldest of 8 children and I have 3 of my own.  My favorite dessert?  Fruit smoothies.  Although, I’ve been known to lose all will power when it comes to any kind of cookie.  My biggest pet peeve is when someone leaves their phone number at the end of a long message and they say it so fast you can't understand it and have to listen to the message multiple times to figure it out.

QOTC: Thanks again for the interview, Jennifer. Before you go, how can readers contact you?

Jennifer: Thanks, Danyelle for the questions.  They were fun!
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