Bye Bye Nasty Germs

Ucky yucky stomach bug germs invaded our house and for the past week, my family has been dropping like flies . . . one by one falling prey to these nasty germs. It’s hit five out of the six of us.  Who hasn’t been hit yet? You guessed it. Me.

And I hope it stays that way. After all, who’s going to continue taking care of the munchkins (including the biggest sick baby of them all – my hubby), if Mama isn’t healthy? Volunteers? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Maybe it’s sheer determination that keeps moms healthy . . . sometimes anyway.

Well, this Mama has teamed up with some awesome germ fighters, all with the first name of Lysol. I’ve resolved to clean, scrub, wipe down, or spray everything in our house over the next day or two. Kids will be enlisted to strip sheets and remake with fresh bedding. Open up the windows and let fresh air into our house. It’s time to stop living with my kids’ heads in the toilets (literally).

It’s time to kick those nasty germs out and post a sign –

Germs Beware.
Mama Ferguson & Her BFF Lysol Live Here.

What do you do to keep the fall/winter germs away?

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rebecca h jamison said...

I'm not doing much better than you. Two of my kids had the same thing this week. I hope you're still healthy.