What's Up With Those QR Boxes?

Everywhere I go, I see these doohickies:

Today I saw one on the side of my Mountain Dew cup. Then I found one while I was looking through a book catalog. I've even seen them on my church bulletin boards embedded with links to go check out pictures from youth activities.


Okay, my friends - what's so great about QR Codes? What do you love about them? What do you hate about them? I think I'm in a love-hate relationships with them right now.  =)

Ironically, whenever I see them, I can't help but think about Elana Johnson's Tagged system in her upcoming book, Possession.

Freaky co-incidence? Or is our society becoming a living dystopian novel?

Would you like to comment?

James C Duckett said...

As a computer geek I love how much information you can put in there. I've seen poems and some other funny stuff. I also work in GIS and will know when the next flyover for St. George and I was thinking of mowing a QR code into my lawn. Maybe something that reads, "Buy my book and follow my blog!" or something. Oooooh, with all that data I could sell ADVERTISING SPACE!!!!

James C Duckett said...

Also, extreme kudos for posting a QR codes that points to your blog. <3

Danyelle Ferguson said...

James - you're awesome! I was wondering if anyone would check out my QR Code. I did a Google search to use one for an example . . . then thought - Huh, I wonder how everyone gets those stupid things anyway. So I did another Google search and found a free QR generator, plugged in my website and voila! My very own QR code for this post.

Very interesting that people can embed words, poems, etc. That could make for a really interesting web scavenger hunt. Ooh . . . ideas are flowing. How would you go about embedding that kind of info in a QR code? Does it need to be on a website? Share the deets, my friend. Share the deets. =)

Canda said...

I can get an app for my phone that will read them then send me to the website to buy stuff. I didn't know I needed the app--but now I think I so do!

Danyelle Ferguson said...


I use Google Goggles. If you have an android phone, it's free to download in the Marketplace. =)

Jenn Adams said...

The first time I noticed one was on the back of the book I am Number Four. I thought maybe it was just some weird alien symbol. But then I saw one on the back of a box of cereal and then I started seeing them everywhere, so I got an app that scans them and my kids and I are always on the lookout for new QR codes to scan! :-D

I didn't realize they were so easy to make, though. Maybe I'll make one and put it on my business cards!

Matthew Tandy said...

Hah, I looked up that one too! Good job Danyelle on circling it back to you.;-)

I use Goggles also. Nice and easy, plus free.