Exploring Utah

Aha! I finally have internet access! I have so must to catch you all up on. Right now, I'm at the LDStorymakers Writers Conference. Boot camp was yesterday . . . where lots of writers got their tushes kicked and manuscripts revamped. Today starts the first day of the workshops and pitch sessions. My own pitch session is today and yes, I'm quite nervous!

But for now, I'm going to share a few pictures from our vacation here in Utah with our munchkins.

After two days of driving (which went quite well actually) we finally reached our resort in Eden, Utah. It's so gorgeous there! The kids love being in the mountains and quickly discovered a few things at the resort they begged to do every day. Little Anna kept asking if she could go fishing in the pond. The poor Koi. The rest of the kids played tetherball, basketball, and tennis each day.

The day after we arrived, I drove down to my publisher's warehouse and picked up my books. Yeah!!!

 This is what greeted me when I walked into my publisher's office building. I wasn't expecting to see my book so soon! I got very teary-eyed.

 The opening of the first case back at the resort. So cool to see a huge box filled with my books!
The kids cheered when I pulled out the first book. I read them the dedication. Isaac got a huge smile on his face when he heard I dedicated the book to him. Everyone else was happy that mom sent them big hugs and love at the end. I got lots of hugs for that.  =)

There were a few unexpected adventures . . . such as our youngest daughter kicking our six-year-old son's tooth out. Ahem. Yep. They were wrestling around and bam! I will acknowledge the tooth was already pretty loose, she just helped the tooth fairy visit a little earlier than anticipated.

One of our very favorite places we visited was Dinosaur Park. We spent a little over three hours exploring all over the outdoor park, reading signs about all sorts of dinosaurs. Then we checked out the museum. The kids loved the mechanical dinosaurs on displays. There was also a gorgeous gem collection, which MJ and I drooled over. There are a ton more pictures, but hey, if you want to see them. You'll just have to check out the scrapbook later.  =)

We've had a really great time so far on vacation. We've learned a lot of interesting things about our Earth's history and shared lots of laughter. Now it's time for me to get ready for my writers conference. I'll update again soon! Have a fabulous day everyone!

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Unknown said...

Congratulations...on your book and your fun vacation!