I'm Back!

Hi everyone! I'm finally back from vacation. It's been a fantastic three weeks - and some away time I've not only needed, but most definitely enjoyed.

As a mom of a son with autism, there were some moments I worried how my son would react to being out of his routine and away from home for such an extended period of time. While there were definitely a few days he had a difficult time, I was super impressed that for the majority of the trip, he did a fabulous job! It took some extra patience, firm instructions and guidelines from Mom, but it all worked out surprisingly well. In fact, it went so well, I'm actually looking forward to another trip next summer!

I already posted about our Oklahoma trip. Over the next week, I will post some fun spotlights about our Pennsylvania trip and catch up on some book reviews. I had planned to post updates while I was in PA, but I didn't have much time to get to a computer that had internet access.

Aside from catching up with everything that's happened in blogland, I am getting ready for my two sons' birthday parties this weekend, preparing the final details for the munchkins to go back to school on Monday (woot!), and making plans for my upcoming wedding anniversary. Of course, I'm sliding all of that in between some freelance editing, my own writing, and a few house projects. Vacation is sincerely the only time life slows down around here!

So, what are y'all doing to get ready for school? And when do your munchkins go back? I'm excited to check out everyone's blogs and see what all has happened this past month!

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Don said...

Yeah, we had a few routing-based melt downs during our trip in June, but DD2 did pretty well for most of the time. I'm glad to hear your trips went well.

The kids start school on the 23, and I'm looking forward to it. Life is actually a little slower during the school year, since the kids get worn out during class and don't need to be entertained all day.

Back to school shopping is the big task I'm not really looking forward to.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Hey Don - I'm glad you survived your summer vacation, too. =)

I'm totally envious that life slows down for you during school. For us, the daytime while the kids are at school are awesome - we can get so much done! But the nights are chuck full of church activities (scouts & activity days), dance, and swim lessons. We do more running during the school year, then relax and totally enjoy the summer. I'm trying to figure out my schedule a bit more so I can jump into the year in a more organized fashion.

Our back to school shopping is mostly done. I just got my son's junior high list yesterday, so that's the last bit of it. And really - shopping and me - we're good friends. ;-)

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

It's good to have you back! I really enjoyed the pictures of your vacation. Looked like a good time.