Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

To all my girlfriends out there who are Mamas . . .

Yep, no matter if we are stay at home Mamas or work away from home Mamas, we know just how hard we each work! Take a break, chickies & let the men cook today! Happy "Labor" Day!

And for everyone else . . .

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Be safe!!!


Nichole Giles said...

Cute pics! Happy Labor Day to you, too.


Karen Gowen said...

Three of my children were born in September, and they were all late, being due around Labor Day. So Labor Day always had that particular meaning for me! Now it means work in the yard and garden. My kids think they're the only ones who have to work on Labor Day weekend. Everyone else gets to go camping and boating, according to them.

ali said...

I gave birth to my guys on Labor Day weekend nine years ago! It was the Friday, so the holiday was just getting underway, but ... still has meaning for me!

The Monday truly was a day for me to "res" from my "labors."

Happy Labor Day to you Danyelle!

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