MJ's Dance Recital - "To The Beatles . . . With Love"

Last Saturday was Miss Leigh's School of Dance 2009 recital, themed "To The Beatles . . . With Love"

Here are some fun pictures we took before the recital practice:

MJ and Jenna

MJ and Kaitlyn


Mommy and MJ

MJ's tap dance was to Eight Days a Week. Here's a video of her class during their final practice before the recital. MJ is on the far left hand side. Her partner didn't make it to the practice. I thought MJ did an excellent job improvising!

MJ was also in two finale dances, but those videos were even more difficult to see MJ than this one, so I decided not to post them. Thank goodness we ordered a recital DVD!

There was a very special appearance at MJ's recital . . . several of the dads got together and put on a comedy skit. It was absolutely hilarious! Of course, my hubby was in the skit as well. Let me tell you, they were the sexiest group of old men I'd ever seen! And boy could they shake their tushies! :)

After the recital, MJ was on dancer high. Here's a pic of MJ and her dance teacher, Miss Nyree.

MJ did a fabulous job during the recital. She was spot on and quite a little performer. After the recital, we went to Ari's Greek Restaurant for the recital party. MJ and I had a blast dancing to Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers, and many other popular kid musicians. We ended the night by going to Sonic for some yummy food and drinks.

Congrats to MJ on her very first dance recital!

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Cindy Beck, author said...

Hooray for MJ. What a cutie. She did great!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Thanks, Cindy! I'll pass it along to MJ. :)

Unknown said...

I LOVE dance recitals. Her costume was sure cute. The theme was fun!

Kellie said...

That was so cute! She did a great job!

Anonymous said...

Darling. I didn't know she was a redhead! I miss dance concerts.

Amy said...

You're right she did a really great job improvising. She's a great dancer. I would love to have seen the "dads" routine. ;)

Riquino Family said...

I love that black and white picture. Email me how you did that! Too cute! She did a great job.