Book Review: Pickup Games by Marcia Mickelson

Blurb from the publisher:

Still mourning the death of his beloved fiance , Avery, who was murdered five years ago, Mick Webber is struggling to piece his life back together, both personally and professionally.

When Mick gets a promising new job hosting a college basketball show, he is dismayed to learn that he will have to share the spotlight with a female co-host: Cara Jones, who recently moved to Utah after her own failed engagement. Right from the start, the two are at odds, but neither is willing to give up this promising career opportunity. Despite the tension between them, their show quickly shoots to the top of the rating charts, and Mick and Cara can't help but grow closer as they work side by side. But neither is willing to disclose their painful pasts, and both are wary of trusting again.

Will they ever be able to let down their guard and let love in?

Will they make it through the season in one piece?

Pick-up Games will have you cheering from the sidelines, on the edge of your seat, anxious to see who will win this game of love.

Pickup Games by Marcia Mickelson is a sequel to Reasonable Doubt, which is the book where Mick's fiance is murdered. The main characters in that book are Mick and his lawyers, with his lawyers taking the stage. While Mick's lawyers play a small role in Pickup Games, this book is most definitely centered around Mick, five years after his fiance's murder. I haven't read Reasonable Doubt yet, but had no problems picking up Mick's history without feeling like the author was giving me an info dump. Marcia Mickelson did an excellent job of weaving both Mick and Cara's pasts into the storyline.

I have to tell you, I loved Cara's "don't mess with me" attitude. She's in no way, shape, or form the "token" female on a basketball replay show. She truly knows her stuff. I enjoyed "watching" as Mick and Cara explored a tentative friendship and blossoming into sweethearts. There are some pretty darn funny moments when I just laughed out loud at their antics and situations they were in. The basketball games were very well written - I actually felt like I was there as Mick covered the U of U games (his alma mater). But don't worry, BYU fans - you have an ally in Cara, who covers all the BYU games. If you're into the U of U & BYU rivalries, you'll enjoy Mick and Cara's banter about who really is better and has a good enough team to win the national championships.

All in all, I truly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to anyone who loves basketball, enjoys humor, and yearns for a good romantic read.

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LDS_Publisher said...

Great review. Thanks!

Taffy said...

Interesting book! We have many red and blue fans in our neighborhood! Thanks for the review

Valerie Ipson said...

Thanks for the review and the opportunity to win the book!

Kendra Mitts said...

The book sounds really good. It would be an interesting to read.

Unknown said...

Very cool...I need a new book for my girls and I to read!