It's Finally Here!

I can't believe it . . . School's finally out! Yippee! Horray! Yahoo!

No more dragging myself out of bed to the tune of my cell phone's nasty alarm.

No more packing PB&J lunches every day.

No more checking checking toothbrushes and breath to be sure the kids really did brush their teeth.

No more fighting with kids to find their shoes before the bus arrives.

No more watching and waiting at the door for the bus to arrive, while waving to my neighbors as they leave for work (while in my PJ's!)

No more searching for lost back packs or library books while the bus waits.

No more PTO meetings.

No more fund-raisers.

No more calls from the school nurse to tell me about the newest bump or bruise.

No more picking kids up when they miss the bus.

Summer is soo wonderful.

Of course, now I have to keep my kids happy and entertained so they don't kill each other before school starts again in the fall. Ahh . . . the wonderful contradictions of life.

Happy Summer Break, everyone!

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Jenn said...

You mean your kids don't have to brush their teeth in the summer?!? :D

I agree - summer is a big relief from the stressful school days of fighting with kids to get homework done, rushing to and fro, etc.

But I'm kind of dreading it, myself. I've been searching for things I can sign my kids up for that won't break the bank.

Have fun this summer! :)

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Hi Jennifer

Of course they have to brush their teeth in the summer. Can you imagine the dental bills if they didn't? Holy Smokes!

I lucked out cause our school district has a program call Summer Adventures In Learning (SAIL) that they kids can attend. I have to pay for the classes, but they provide bussing to and from the program. MJ is taking Art (pottery), Creative Writing, Fun & Fitness, and American Red Cross Swimming lessons. Isaac has Extended School Year for special ed for the first two hours, then Fun & Fitness and a computer class where he'll learn power point, etc. Then in July I'm shipping them off to relatives, Wa ha ha ha! :)

Happy Summer Break!

The Thomas Six said...

Although I cheer for those that enjoy summer and feel sad for those that don't; I don't feel like we even have summer. technically we do, but not really. My kids have year round school. They are off right now for three weeks and then on for three, then off for three weeks.... It has been a year in this school, and I'm not sure how I feel about year round.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Wow - your kids only got to school three weeks at a time? How do they ever learn a routine and keep on track with the progression of learning? That must be difficult.