The Death of Another Computer

Another computer has bit the dust at our house.

I don't know what happened. All I know is the monitor, keyboard, and USB no longer work. My three-year-old keeps telling me it's because the wires are all unplugged and that's why it isn't working. Isn't he observant?

So, yes, my hubby has pulled the computer out and started testing it. Of course, then he had to leave for work, so the silly thing is still sitting out, waiting for the testing to be completed and the results to be turned in.

Will we need a new video card? Perhaps a new monitor? I certainly hope it won't be that we need a whole new computer. Yikes!

It's moments like this when I feel just like Garfield; he's my hero.

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Amy said...

Great comic of Garfield. That's exactly how I felt last saturday. I hope the problem is the least difficult to fix and the least expensive.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Thanks Amy. Least expensive would definitely be nice! John still hasn't had a chance to follow up on it. Thank goodness for laptops!