How a Romance Author Tortures Her Children

I'm a writing, reading, watch-the-movie, romance breathing chick. And I think it's important for my children to explore the wonderfulness of sigh-worthy romance too.

Even if it's my autistic teenage son.

Cue the scene:

My son loves writing short movies. He plots out the scenes, writes the screenplay, practices the scene, then films it with our video camera. Today, he was practicing a scene he wrote for his Hero Factory team.

The scene: Preparing to leave on a long, adventurous journey.

Then Mom popped in.

Me: "So, who's the girl?"

Son: "Girl?"

Me: "There has to be a girl. You can't have a movie without a girl. It's not politically correct."

He sighed, then pointed to the white action figure (hereafter called White Chick) and said, "That one can be the girl."

I then picked up White Chick and nabbed the Red Guy too. 

White Chick: "Be careful, sweetie. Have a safe, but successful journey." 

Red Guy: "I'll do my best, dear. But how will I survive without you and your snuggles?" 

White Chick: "Just remember this, sweetheart." 

Cue in the kissy, smoochie, kissy, kissy stuff. 

My son freaked out. "No more kissy kissy scenes! You're ruining the movie!" 

I just smiled, gave myself a mental pat on the back and decided to share my triumph with my bloggy friends. 

What fun things do you do to torture your kids?  =)

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Anonymous said...

I use a super soaker to maintain order during family council

Danyelle Ferguson said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Now that's the kind of mom I totally want to be. =)

Tamera Westhoff said...

I just read this out loud to my kids, and they loved it! I asked how I torture them, and they said I don't. Hhhmmm... Something to think about as they have quiet time (for 3 hours).

Marianne Stephens said...

Our kids need to get used to our form of "torture"...kissing, etc., is in our minds and then our books. We just want to "share" our enthusiasm with our kids (whether they appreciate it or not).

Renae Weight Mackley said...

Funny post. Thanks. My kids are grown. I'll have to think about what I do to torture my husband.