NaNoWriMo: Is the Stress and Craziness Worth It?

Some of you may wonder why writers would consider going through the torture of pushing themselves to write a complete novel or 50,000 words in just 30 days. Heck, even some writers wonder why other writers do it.

Is it worth it?

My answer is a great big, resounding YES!

Not only do you stretch your limits, but you learn so much about yourself as a writer and your abilities in the writing process. But the biggest payoff is the novel you have left. After editing and revisions, you have a great piece of work to hold up to the world and declare "I did it!"

Today, I sent my first completed NaNoWriMo novel to the Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense fast track even. My fingers are crossed, hoping, hoping, hoping for an acceptance. But, if that's not the response I get, I have an awesome book to send out to another agent or publisher.

Today, I'm happy to stand up and say "I did it!"

Now, go get ready for some NaNoWriMo love & success of your own!

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