Family Fun Night

For our weekly family night, we talked about family fun and why it's important.

Together we went through our family photo albums. We talked about playing outside together, going on vacation, silly jokes we tell each other, attending events together, etc. It was fun to look back and retell stories about the kids when they were younger. Then we talked about why all those moments were important. Here's what the kids came up with:

  • Having fun together as a family helps us to be good friends.
  • Having fun together helps us to later be able to talk to each other about problems we might have.
  • The fun moments are important so we can share the memories later with other family members, friends, future generations, and to have happy memories of family or friends who pass away.
  • Fun family activities help us love each other more.

After the lesson portion of our family night, we had a family carnival. Each family member created a game to share. I love how creative the kids are! Here are some fun pictures from the evening:

Dad set up the Angry Birds game he built.

 Rob created a spinner game. 
You earned tickets depending on if you landed on an even or odd number.

MJ put together a fairy fashion design contest.
Here are the four judges:

And the contestants:

Our friends Barbie and Sarah took 1st and 2nd place!

Anna created a matching game. She even drew all the cards - with kitty cats & puppies. So cute!

Then Mom set up a bowling game. 
Afterwards, the kids all pretended the pins were light sabers (of course!). 

There were prizes worth 1 or 2 tickets, so everyone had to spend their tickets wisely. 

No carnival is complete without cotton candy. YUM!

What family fun activities do you enjoy?

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