Prank Wars Winner & The LDStorymakers Writers Conference

There's a Winner in the House

I love giveaways. It's so fun to get an email from someone titled, "You won ______!" and actually know it's not spam. Woot! One lucky reader is going to get an email from me today that says "You Won Prank Wars on Queen of the Clan!". And that lucky person is . . .

Wendy Swore! Congrats!!!

The Official Release date of Prank Wars is February 14th, 2012. BUT Stephanie let me in on a little secret. Come a little closer so I can whisper it to you . . . A little closer . . . Okay. Ready?

Prank Wars is available on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. TODAY.  Happy early Valentine's Day! Check out Stephanie's website on Valentine's Day for purchase links to the printed version of the book. I know I'm definitely ordering one for my shelves.

LDStoryMakers Writers Conference

The StoryMakers Writers Conference is my absolute FAVORITE writers conference. This year's conference is May 3-5th, 2012 and . . . I've been asked to present TWO classes. Ooh baby, I'm a happy happy girl! I have a class each day. My first class kicks off in the first break out session and my last class is in the final break out session of the conference. I guess they wanted to be sure the conference started and ended with the same awesome writer. Ahem. *cough. cough*

My classes focus on non-fiction and copyrights. The rest of the conference is JAM PACKED full of awesome fiction classes. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or seasoned pro, you will find classes perfect for where you are in your writing journey.

My favorite part is all the hob nobbing. Socializing, people! Networking with other writers, publishers, editors and AGENTS! The Storymakers conference is the perfect size to meet all these fabulous people and actually have them remember who you are. Come prepared to chat up your WIP or the MS you're shopping around. Don't be shy! Agents and editors attend writers conferences so they can hear about what the attendees are coming up with. They would much rather meet someone in person, then fall in love with both the writer and the manuscript at the same time. And all those writers you meet and click with, they'll be the people who interview you on their blogs and review your debut (or 30th) novel.

Now, I know the writer in you is just dying to register. Let me tell you another little secret . . . there are less than 100 spots still open. So if you want to go, slide your mouse on over here and click to get registered.

Conference Tips & a few of my fave moments . . . 

 The Annual 1st Chapter Contest. 
In 2009, Heather Justesen & I won 1st place in the non-fiction category for a book we brainstormed together. Before we were published authors, we placed in the top three of the Romance Category each year we attended. (Note: The contest is only open to unpublished authors, or we'd still be kicking butt. LOL!)

 The Book Store
Bring LOTS of spending money. Awesome book deals & the authors are there to sign them personally. Fabulousness!

 LDS Women Book Review Interviews
I so totally love these ladies! They make the conference so fun and make attendees feel like rock stars as they catch them in the halls and interview them for their podcasts. In 2010, my co-author Lynn Parsons and I were interviewed just moments after our first face-to-face meeting.

What's better than hanging out with over 150+ of your closest writing buddies?
It's our annual AI Family Reunion. Not much can top that.
Have you attended the StoryMakers Conference before? If so, please share what you loved most. Direct blog links to past StoryMakers after-the-conference posts are welcome!

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Tapper said...

Congratulations, wendy! Let us all know what you think of it. It sounds like such a fun read!

Rachelle Christensen said...

Can't wait for the conference. It's coming up fast. These are fun pics!

Donna K. Weaver said...

Congrats to Wendy!

I had so much fun at Storymaker last year, and I know so many more people this year. I love this conference because of the friendly cohesiveness that exists there!

Jian | Postcard Printing Services Online said...

I'm a bookworm and I would gladly purchase a copy of that book. It looks fun and worth the purchase. How I wish I was your winner too. Congrats!