Elana Johnson's New Book Covers!

Elana Johnson has new book covers!

For fun, she's asked her friends to announce and (ahem, honestly) critique them. So, to refresh your memory, here's the hardback cover for Elana's book Possession.

When Elana first revealed her cover, I thought it was unique, trendy, and awesome. But unique doesn't last for long in the publishing industry. Cause once something cool comes out, everyone wants to jump on the band wagon with their own versions. Browsing through the YA section, I've noticed more and more mostly white (or a light, mixed shade of white) covers. For example . . . 

Here's another series I love which as a white theme & funky captured image on the front cover.

 Then there's the facial close ups . . . When done well, they aren't nearly as freaky as this one is.

An everyday object to break up the stark white.

The white, washed out cover where the model wears clothes that blend into the background. You know what I see here - weeds.

And pictures of headless people - some of which just involve the lower portion of the body, other covers actually show shoulders down, and make me think of poor Marie Antoinette.

For as many white covers out there, there are just as many black, dark themed books too. It's like a clash of good and evil on the shelves. And in between those light and dark cover are super bright "happy teenage girl" color covers. And generally an eye-popping pink color.

Now, Elana has new covers. First, an updated cover for Possession's upcoming paperback release.

And the cover for the release of Surrender . . .

So, Elana wanted honesty. (No take backs, Elana. You're not allowed to hunt me down at the next writers conference and harass me.)

I have a love-hate reaction to the covers. Personally, I love the colors, but they are so NOT Vi and the society in my opinion. Although they really are excellent complementary choices for the images on the front cover.

I liked the original font better. This one seems too YA romancy to me.  I really like the graduated background coloring, but the layout reminds me a lot of Allie Condie's Matched series. I'm not so hip about that. I like being able to tell my friends' books apart at first glance. I admit to occasionally seeing either Elana's or Allie's covers and accidentally saying, "Oh that's Allie's book. Wait, no Elana's. Oops." and vice verse. But that has more to do with the captured image on the front than the background. Although Allie's series had more color with the graduated tints, while Elana's was stark white.

My overall opinion - I like the covers. I think they'll stand out on the shelves between all the white and black covers. But I think they went from looking distinctly dystopian YA to romance YA.

And now, I believe I'll send a bacon themed e-card to Elana so she'll forgive me.  =)

What do you think of Elana's new covers? Or the trend of YA covers in general?

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C.J. said...

I loved the colors and the trends! Truly cool.

Unknown said...

They're so pretty!

RaShelle Workman said...

I love the hard-back cover. The paperback versions are romancy, but I still like them.

Donna K. Weaver said...

I also love the hardback cover. Why do they sometimes change them?

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Donna - I'm not sure what led to the change for Elana's covers. I know sometimes publishers update covers when they do a new edition. I remember when James Dashner's Jimmy Fincher series became really popular. I think when book #3 in the series was released, the publisher announced that a new cover designer had been hired to re-do all the covers in the series. So #3 was the first with the new cover design, then there was a re-release of books 1 & 2. We have the books with both the original covers and the new covers (so multiple copies of books 1 & 2).

Maybe it's to appeal to more current trends?

kbrebes said...

You're right, Danyelle. The cover is not Vi or the Society. Although she may be the bird in the bottle, I don't think those are her colors. Truly, I'd love to see HER on the cover!

Heather Moore said...

I'm okay with the headless people because I don't really like the main character described to me too much.

Tapper said...

The cleaner the cover the more I love it. Nothing turns me off of a book faster than large amounts of text on the cover.