Bloodborne by Gregg Luke & Who's John? Contest

Back Cover Blurb

One ordinary afternoon, research specialist Dr. Erin Cross steps into a local deli to get some lunch and nearly takes a bullet instead. Thanks to timely intervention from a former Marine, she walks away from the seemingly freak incident. But when she returns to find her lab under security lockdown and her apartment ransacked, she realizes the attack was anything but random. Erin can’t make sense of the threat, given her low profile after a disastrous H1N1 vaccine trial. She doesn’t know that her former colleague has used the virus to develop a potent bio-weapon or that her recent research holds a key to his success. And she doesn’t know that his collaborators want her dead before she blows the whistle.

Fleeing for safety with her research in hand, Erin unravels the threats with help from the timely Marine, former Special Ops agent Sean Flannery. But the closer they come to finding answers, the more questionable Sean’s behavior becomes. His erratic moods and suspicious communications are more fitting for an enemy than a friend. And as the crisis comes to a head, Erin can’t be sure who harbors more secrets — the bio-terrorists pursuing her or the one man who can give her protection.

My Review

Bloodborne by Gregg Luke was gripping and freaky. Now remember, I'm a romance chick and only watch action flicks if my hubby is nearby to hide my head in his shoulder during the scary parts. Well, Bloodborne was a book that I definitely needed to read curled up next to my hubby! Right from the first page, I was pulled into a roller coaster of suspicion, murder, and mystery. While yes, the book gave me chills at times, Gregg Luke did a great job weaving in some humor which did wonders to relax my clenched fingers just when they were going numb.  Bloodborne is a medical thriller, but, thankfully, the author knows how to weave in the medical jargon and background in a way a totally non-scientific chick like me can understand. I have to say, Bloodborne is by far my absolute favorite Gregg Luke novel to date.

If you like suspense and mystery, this is most definitely a book you need to pick up! Bloodborne is available at Deseret Book, Amazon, Kindle, and local book stores.

Who's John? Contest

My very favorite part of Bloodborne was finding that Gregg Luke used my hubby's name as one of the characters. Now, there are two John's in the book. Your goal is to find John Ferguson and tell me who he really is in the book.

To Enter:

  1. Follow my blog
  2. Email me at QUEENOFTHECLAN@GMAIL.COM with the answer. Remember, you need to tell me who John Ferguson is in Bloodborne. Your answer must be emailed. If it's in the comment thread, it will be deleted.
The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on October 12th. And what will you win? 

When you read Bloodborne, you'll find a scene where Sean and Erin are hiding at a rustic cabin . . . and drinking yummy hot chocolate. I'm a huge hot chocolate fan myself. So the prize will be a 16 oz Stephen's Gourment Hot Cocoa in either Milk Chocolate or French Vanilla.

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Getting Your Read On said...

I haven't read this yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I enjoyed the last book by Gregg Luke that I read. It was sort of creepy good too. I'm a big chicken too so it sounds like this is a "read only when husband is at home book" for me too! :)