Deseret News Reviewed (dis)Abilities and the Gospel!

Hikari Loftus from Deseret News gave an excellent review of (dis)Abilities and the Gospel. I normally just share a small quote and give a link to reviews, but I couldn't pick just one! You can find the full review on Deseret News' website here.
Danyelle Ferguson and Lynn Parsons’ book “(dis)Abilities and the Gospel: How to Bring People with Special Needs closer to Christ,” is full of suggestions, tips and hope for those who are seeking ways to bring their children to Christ.

This book is a helpful reference for parents, but should also be required reading for leaders and teachers who have children with disabilities in their classes or Scout troops.

Although the book was written using LDS Church meetings as examples, the information does not apply to LDS Church members alone. The suggestions are useful to any congregation or group with members or participants with disabilities. The book provides a glossary of Mormon terms to make applications and translations easy.

Each page teaches love, patience, determination and respect for the "special spirits" that are part of your church family. This book will help parents and teachers come up with plans that will help the children in their ward family be participants in the gospel.

Intrigued? Go check out the full review! Or find out more about (dis)Abilities and the Gospel on my website.

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