Why I Chose to Work With Kids Who Have Autism by Todd McCarthy

Isaac & Mr. Todd at my son's first Orchestra concert.
Today's guest post is by my son's awesome Autism Specialist, Todd McCarthy. My son has been lucky to have worked with Mr. Todd at school for the last three years. His excitement and love for the kids he works with is contagious. As parents, my husband and I both have the utmost respect and admiration of his dedication to serving kids with special needs. I asked Todd if he'd share with my readers why he chose to work in this field. I'm so excited for you all to read his experiences and thoughts!

Why I Chose to Work with Kids Who Have Autism

by Todd McCarthy

As I was growing up, I had but one desire and that was to be a police officer. My family has a history of service in law enforcement that goes back over 100 years in this country. I played cops and robbers, watched it on TV and even studied it in college. I joined the US Army and served for eight years in the Military Police Corps.

Then I was blessed with the birth of my son.

I knew my plans would change as I needed to be there for him and have a schedule that allowed me to do just that. I took a job as a teaching assistant with a private school and loved working with kids. It wasn't, however, until a friend of mine asked me to help out with summer school for kids in special education that I found my niche. Within 10 minutes I knew this is where I wanted to be.

I have worked with kiddos with Autism for five years now and I can say without question that each day is better than the one before. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a child who has struggled to find the ability to overcome obstacles in their lives make steps towards progress and independence. We are so fortunate, especially in the Olathe School District, to have such talented individuals and wonderful resources to assist in the education of these amazing kids with Autism. They are the brightest, sweetest and most amazing kids I have ever been blessed to be around. And that's what this job truly is...a blessing. These kids are a blessing from God and each day we get to spend with them is an opportunity to learn more, not just about them but about who we are and who God expects us to be.
Isaac & Mr. Todd on their last day of 5th Grade.

I had prayed that God would let me be a police officer someday. I am so thankful that his answer was no. I get to see God each and every day in the faces of these amazing kids.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Danyelle for having Todd as your guest blogger. He is amazing and I am glad that he is working with Isaac, who is amazing as well. Todd is one of those special people created to help special needs children to progress in this life. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful person, and I'm sure Isaac loved him. Best wishes on the sale of your book ... hope you sell gazillions! :)

Cindy Beck said...

Oh, sorry ... I forgot to sign out of my ward's ID. Anyway, good luck, Danyelle!