Video Madness!

Last night, I was destressing by watching some seriously funny Mormon Spoof videos on You Tube. They all involve singing and some even include fun dancing, too. There were some (okay, several!) that I had to share! If you need a bit of cheering up or just love to laugh, pull up a chair and watch all of the following . . .

Miley Cyrus Mormon Spoof

Spice Girls Spoof - If You Wanna Be An Elder

Notice that the top two videos have the same group of dancers. I love the guy in the pink tie! He can really dance!

Pepsi Commercial Spoof - Book of Mormon Excitement!

And the most surprising of all (at least for me) - I had no idea there were so many spoofs to Hey Delilah! Here are THREE different spoofs to the same song. I just laughed and laughed!

Hey EFY Girl 
(For those who don't know what EFY is - it stands for a summer camp called Especially For Youth)

Hey There Delilah, I'm at the MTC
(MTC stands for Missionary Training Center)

Hey BYU Girl

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Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

These are great, Danyelle! I needed the laughs. Have a great weekend!