Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pictures from Rob's Kindergarten Graduation

Yes, it is true. My little guy has graduated from Kindergarten. Next year, he will be a big first grader and at school all day long. I am going to miss his sweet laughter and smile around the house during the afternoon. Life just changes way too fast! Here are my favorite pics from Kindergarten graduation . . .
Yep, my little guy still sucks his thumb!

Anna enjoyed the graduation. She goes to preschool in the fall - can you believe that???

Mr. Graduate!

Mr. Explorer!

Rob & Mrs. Dawson

Now there's some silly kids!

Congrats to my little guy and all the Kindergarten graduates!


Bre said...

No way! I can't believe he's done with kindergarten already! SO CRAZY. It seems like Isaac was just in my class and he was a baby. weird weird weird.

Congrats! :)

Amy said...

Busy week of graduations for you guys. Great job Rob. Those are some great pictures too.

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