Call for Stories: Teaching Special Spirits

My co-author and I have been asked to make some revisions to Teaching Special Spirits. We were asked for more stories from teachers, church leaders, and parents to be included in each chapter. Lynn & I are so excited for this opportunity to share more of your stories!

At this time, we are working on gathering stories in the following areas:

- Activity Days
- Scouting (Cub & Boy Scouts)
- Priesthood Advancements
- YM/YW Activities (Mutual)
- YW Personal Progress
- Seminary

These stories can be anonymous, if you prefer. In that case, we will change the names or re-write the story to be more general, such as "One teacher shared with us a story about a little girl in her primary class." All submissions will be edited, then emailed back to you for approval, as well as a contract to sign if your story is chosen for inclusion in TSS.

Stories from teachers and church leaders: We are looking for tips that helped you in your calling in the areas mentioned above; stories of how working with youth with special needs has strengthened your testimony; special moments you shared with a youth with special needs. Stories can be heart-warming or humorous.

Stories from parents: We are looking for stories about your children in each of the areas mentioned above. Specifically stories of how participating in the activity helped your child develop a relationship with Heavenly Father, strengthen his testimony, or love attending church. We would also like stories of how church leaders and teachers from the above activities have made in impact on the parent's testimony through acts of service or display of brotherly love for their child with special needs. Stories can be heart-warming or humorous.

We would love to receive submissions from youth sharing their stories at church activities with their friends with special needs.

Stories can be as short as three or four sentences, but should not exceed one double-spaced page. Submissions are due by August 5th. Please email submissions to

Would you like to comment?

Rebecca Talley said...

I'd love to submit a story, but my son is still too young for any of those categories and while I've been in mutual with boys with special needs, I haven't personally worked with them.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

sorry! the only special needs I did was in a daycare...not church related.

Joyce DiPastena said...

I've been off the AI loop for a week or more and had no idea things were moving along so great for TSS. Congratulations, Danyelle! This will be such a blessing in so many people's lives!

Anonymous said...

i work in the special needs mutual program. it is amazing. the mutual president would probably have enough experiences to fill a book. she believes all special needs should be able to participate in every and anything they want and she does what it takes to make it happen! we just go back yesterday from girls camp with them. wonderful. if you would like her name,contact me at or

Cindy Beck, author said...

Congrats on the book moving along! Wish I had a story to share, but don't have anything at the moment. If any thing comes along, though, I'll send it in.