Create by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

This was my very favorite talk from Conference. This video presentation of the main part of Elder Uchtdorf's message is absolutely beautiful. No matter what church demonimation you belong to, you will connect with this message. Much love to you all!

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Northern Nickle Clan said...

That's such a totally awesome clip!!!!! I especially love the music that goes with it!!! Awesome!


Danyelle Ferguson said...

Katie! You have a blogger account!!! Yeah! When are you going to set up a blog about your family???

Northern Nickle Clan said...

Good question. I have no clue when/if I'll set up a blog about my family. But, I do have a blog account.:) BTW, I've watched this video about a million times and it's better every time I watch!:)


Steve said...

what is the music?? it is very beautiful!!!