Free Cards from HP

I have an HP Printer, which I love. Of course, I use HP ink. Well, inside the package of ink cartridges, there's always a little flyer for other cool HP stuff. Usually I just throw it away without looking at it.

Last week I started working on creating my daughter birthday party invites. I have an old HP program called Print Master (like 10 years old!) that lets you design and create cards using the clipart, etc on the program. I usually come up with some pretty fun stuff. This time, I really wanted something different for my daughter's invitation and was having a hard time coming up with something.

I just happened to change an ink cartridge and pulled out the little flyer inside. This flyer was advertising HP's Idea House, where you can create everything from recipe cards to greeting cards. So I thought - Hey, I'm going to see what they have!

I went out to their website, and clicked on the link to Cards & Stationery. I went right to their birthday invites section, and found some pretty darn cool cards! MJ decided she really liked the Celebration card. We even uploaded a picture of her for on the inside. It's very cool.

It was very easy to personalize the card, add her picture, etc. I used HP's Half-Fold Card Paper & Envelope set, which I purchased from Wal-Mart. And when I printed them, they were gorgeous!!! Perfect clarity and totally cute.

And best of all . . . FREE!!! (I love that word!)

The only drawback to their program I found was I printed most of the cards out, then needed to take care of some bickering kids. I left the program open over-night on my computer. Then the next day when I went back to print, the program didn't save the info. It was confusing because the info was all on the card, but when I printed the inside, it printed the info as blank. So, I closed the program, re-typed in the info & uploaded the picture again. But it didn't take long. It was a little inconvenient, but not totally annoying.

Go check out their offerings. I think you'll enjoy them. There's not a huge selection in each category, but the selections they have are nicely put together. Enjoy!

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Amy said...

MJ picked a fun card. It's so colorful and makes who feel like throwing a party. So does she have a "theme"? Happy New Year

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Hi Amy - No, she doesn't have a theme. She really wanted a cowboy party this year, but with everything that's happened lately, I just didn't have enough energy to do a whole party at home. So we compromised on a swim party at the YMCA. I figure if they can wear themselves out swimming for an hour, I'll be happy. I'll probably make a few games to play that are more cowboy related, like pin the star on the sheriff or something. :)

Josi said...

That's very good to know--I have a 12 year old that's been planning her birthday for two months--it's not til March. I'll have to show her this, she'll love it. And I always love a good deal!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

I know exactly what you mean! My oldest daughter starts planning her next birthday before the first one is even over! She makes guest lists, wish lists, and explores all different themes throughout the year. It's really funny. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the HP website - it's always fun creating with their products - such high quality and of course, Love Free

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Free - Free - Free! I love it, too! :)