Tuesday, November 3, 2015

One Day Poll - Vote for Your Favorite Cover!

I'm so excited to have my readers be a part of the A Christmas of Hope publishing process! Check out these gorgeous covers and vote for your favorite one! Remember, these are mock-ups with sample cover art, which is why there are watermarks over the images. The final cover will be beautiful and watermark free!

Cover #1 - The Christmas Tree in a Mug cover

 Cover #2 - The Fairy Lights Jar cover

Cover #3 - The Hot Cocoa and Candy Cane Mug cover


Marta Smith said...

I like #2.

brendajean said...

I love the lights from #2. They scream hope to me:) I love #3 also, but the drip of cocoa drives the ocd crazy lady in me insane. If it wins, can you clean it up??? :) Can't wait for your new story!!

Clan Degotoga said...

I love them all! I do think #2 goes with your title more. Congrats!

Marie said...

I like the tilted Christmas tree in a mug. It says things aren't quite perfect and that fits the story.

red rabbit family said...

They are all nice, but I like the tilted Christmas tree best. The second one reminded me too much of The Christmas Jar.

CatSnap said...

/agree with the Christmas Jar comments

When I saw the tilted tree, I thought it looked odd, but it caught my attention and I even went back to look at it. The same thing would have happened if it were on a shelf in a book store. The "double take" drawing me in for a closer look.

I agree with the messiness of the hot chocolate cup. Kind of "ewwwwe", even though most cups look this way after being jostled about while being stirred and enjoyed. Still, I want to mess up my own cup! :)

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