Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Protect Our Families

I received this video from a good friend of mine. I couldn't word my opinion any better than she did, so I am copying her words right into my blog:

"I watched this video on how homosexuality acceptance is being taught to kindergarten age school kids in Massachusetts because same sex marriage has now been made legal there. This was a real eye-opener. They interview the parents who are trying to get parental notification before the schools teach their children such things and it is amazing to see how the school reacted.

It is our sacred responsibility as parents to do what we can to keep this from happening in more states. We have an important role as parents to teach what is right, moral, and true to our children…not the school system. Everything from the book the schools sent home with the kids to what they did to the dad was wrong. At kindergarten age OR any age this kind of teaching and exposure is wrong."

I had problems putting the video into my blog. Click here to watch the video.


The Thomas Five said...

What an impressionable story, and a true one at that.

It reinforces how much we have to advicate for our kids. How much we need to stand for them.


Danyelle Ferguson said...

Robin - I think if I was put in this situation, and the schools wouldn't leave it up to the parents, then I'd start homeschooling my kids.

I also don't understand why it needs to be an issue. I didn't grow up being told families only comprised of a woman and a man, married. There are lots of different families out there - single parents, kids who live with grandparents. I don't see the school emphasizing all of that. At least not on the video.

Either way, I believe this isn't something that needs to be addressed at school. This is something that should be taught about at home, by the parents.

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